Current Bedroom Trends

Trends go in and out of style faster than design studios can work. Our designs are rooted in simple, classic décor and trends that have withstood years of use. Below are a few of our favorite ageless trends, as well as a few that might scream “2018” louder than the rest.


Surrealism—Wild patterns, extravagant materials, and surprising furniture will lend your bedroom a dash of much-needed character. Statement pieces, creative tiling, and geometric patterns in an array of colors are the best way to reach this desired result.


Mid-century—This is one of our favorites, as it has been around since… well, since the mid-20th century. Combining clean lines with overall white tones to enhance the furniture’s wooden features is the best way to achieve this classy look.


Industrial—Another perennial design, industrial bedrooms are characterized by tiled walls, slim-legged metallic furniture, and heavy brown tones. An easy look to achieve with a massive payoff.


Minimalist—This is the one everyone is talking about: easy, clean, and simple to maintain. Opting for sleek and understated furniture, in combination with white (or off-white) linens, lamps, and curtains will easily make your bedroom a place of rest and relaxation.


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