How to Design a Modern/Contemporary Bedroom

Even though a contemporary or a modern bedroom may be something that seems new and designed for automated homes, it is a style that came about during the 1900s. It utilizes clean and simple decor that reflects the modernism movement of that time. This is a style that embraces the concept of form following function, so a room with this style may have plenty of open space because excessive adornment is not required to complete the look. 
How to Design a Modern/Contemporary Bedroom 
In the bedroom, this style is commonly used with neutral colors that are accented with touches of red or blue. The idea of this color scheme is to make you feel more relaxed and welcome. The room will be open and airy with this style, and most of the furniture in the space will be wooden or another neutral color. Natural light is also standard in modern spaces, and having a larger bedroom can help to increase the minimalist look of this design. Consider a bare floor that is only covered with an area rug near the bed. 
Tips for Getting Started Creating this Design 
Learning how to design a modern/contemporary bedroom does not take a lot of effort; you will just need to begin with a neutral color scheme that makes you feel comfortable. This is going to be the color of the main furniture and the bed. A platform bed with a makeshift headboard and integrated nightstands is ideal, and these can all be made out of the same type of wood to create the style throughout the space.  
Grab a carpet and curtains to match the look; these can be an accent color if you want one in the space, but keep it a soft color that does not pop too much in the space. For a bedroom with a modern or contemporary look, you can expect to spend about $8,000 to $15,000 to redo the space completely. Custom pieces may add more to the overall cost.