How to Design a Shabby Chic-Style Bedroom

Shabby chic style is a statement of feminine self-expression and comfort. Specifically, it exudes elegance with lightweight fabrics such as soft cotton, delicate lace, and silky satin. Patterns are usually floral, striped, or solid. Pastel colors and shades of white dominate the space giving it an airy feeling while being balanced by warm-toned floors and distressed wooden accents. Popular trends gracefully pair painted antiques with soft-hued textiles adorned with ruffles, ribbons, bows, and rosettes. 
A Bedroom You’ll Love 
Imagine sleeping in a bed of roses and ruffles! A shabby chic bedroom invites you to unwind in its comfort and wake up cozy and happy. Reminiscent of earlier times, pieces appropriate for this style include princess-worthy beds, distressed side tables and dressers, Victorian chairs, oval mirrors, and fancy picture frames. A shabby chic style is nice for a bedroom of any size (the cozier, the better) and is ideal for little girls because it resembles their sweet innocence.  
Designer Tips 
The style requires the right mix of shabby and chic. Begin by focusing on the bed. It will be the room’s elegant centerpiece with prissy covers and plenty of pretty pillows. Next, allow for lots of light. Brighten the room with a crystal chandelier and hang lace curtains. Then, fill the room with accent pieces… a pretty chair and table, handmade heirlooms, soft throws, and vintage-inspired rugs. You can layer textiles and add plenty of decor, but not so much that it looks cluttered. Let the bedroom breathe by keeping plenty of white space. If the budget allows, do an accent wall with sissy wallpaper or white shiplap.  
Finally, the greatest benefit of designing a shabby chic-style bedroom is that it’s affordable! Seek beautiful bargains locally: flea markets, thrift shops, yard sales, antique shops, and department stores. Sometimes, the best option is to ask family members. They may be ready to part with a gem you’ve been wanting!