Master Bedroom Design

A master bedroom is the one which is used by the head of the family. A person who is responsible for the well-being of the home and entire family. Hence while designing a master bedroom special attention must be given to the size of the bedroom.

Interior design of a master bedroom is of vital importance. A master bedroom is normally has the biggest size amongst all other bedrooms. It is also a possibility that the architect of the building has preplanned the bedroom.

If this is the case the master bedroom is likely to have an attached toilet block, a terrace or a balcony, an exit to the outdoor landscaped court if the building is a ground floor structure.

Again while designing a master bedroom the entire home improvement strategy plays a major role as far as design theme, budget, time schedules are concerned.

As said earlier the person who uses this space is a responsible person, hence the designer must take into consideration various personality traits of the master, who uses this space.

Aspects of designing a master bedroom

There is a simple rule you can follow while designing your own space. Just forget all the theoretical design talk. Just go with what you like the most.

If you are trying to design your home yourself then you must know that it’s the small things that can make a major difference in the final appearance of your room. What really works in decorating a space is “detailing”.

There are thousands of factors that affect the beauty of any project. Let’s think about some ideas….

Play with lighting: Lighting plays a major role in any interior space, hence you should make a creative use of it. I mean artificial and natural lighting can be used very effectively in an interior space.

Since Sun is a major source of lighting during daytime, this can be used very creatively for creating “shadow patterns”. Light which penetrates through windows can be interrupted to create shadows on inside walls and thus create an interesting feature.

There is one more advantage of using this method. Since the Sun constantly keeps on shifting, (or is perceived to be in motion) the intensity, length, and angle of shadows will also change dynamically, creating a very excellent play of light.

As far as artificial lighting is concerned, and spotlights can be used to enhance certain areas of the space, by diverting attention. Many creative designs of decorative lamps and are available today at reasonable prices.

Wall Paintings are another excellent way to give a personality to a space. Depending upon the nature/subject of the painting the mood of an interior space can be altered.

Depending upon your likes and dislikes many beautiful wall paintings and posters are available in local stores, art galleries, etc…

Photographs of your family members is a great way to add a personal touch to your room.

Wall Hangings are a great way to add interest and are used as fillers on walls. A wall hanging can be just an art work or can even serve a purpose such as a letters holder. A wall hanging which goes with the theme of the room can greatly add interest to the room.

Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom furniture includes primarily a double bed, wardrobe, side tables, writing table, dressing table, if the bedroom has an attached terrace then an informal seating arrangement.

It is very important to choose the finishes and shades of the furniture very carefully, because the furniture replaces a portion of the wall and is directly visible when someone enters this space.

All above parameters considered while designing has an important consideration before finalizing and that’s BUDGET. A good designer is one who makes a balance between aesthetics, function and monetary part of any design project.

Use of natural elements is encouraging.

Use of natural elements such as small plants which bear flowers can greatly add to the beauty and aura of any space. Plants which are shade loving and bear flowers at least once in a month is a great choice.

This allows automatic change in the entire atmosphere of the room. Since the change their appearance after a few days, this aspect can be used as a mood generator in a room.

There is a very interesting viewpoint we can consider when it comes to decorating any space in a home. Every space in a home is just like human body. Our body is composed of various parts joined to the main torso, such as hands, arms, feet, legs, head etc.. All these when combined forms a uniform body.

In the same way a home is composed of living room, family room, bedrooms, kitchen, study rooms, toilet blocks, terraces, etc.. All these spaces have their own use from user’s point of view.

That’s why while designing a bedroom it is necessary to treat the space as a part of the rest of the home and not in isolation. It would be wise to look for the general design theme of the rest of the rooms before starting out on the primary sketches and budget decisions. I personally feel that design and decorating is all about “detailing”. Once you learn to work out simple “details”, decoration becomes almost an instant job.

You also get an excellent learning tool with thousands of real-life photographs and illustrations. As I said whatever you do in the rest of your rooms will affect your bedroom decorating project drastically.