About Us

Hello! We are Bedrooms, Designed, a women-owned interior design studio based in Kankakee, Illinois. Our names are Sarah and Hannah, and we are the co-owners, co-founders, and lead designers for a wonderful and talented team. Welcome to our website, where you can find budget-friendly design tips, detailed listings of current trends, the services we offer, and a list of our upcoming events. If you want to stay in the loop regarding everything Bedrooms, Designed, we recommend signing up for our bi-monthly newsletter.



This is us. Not the TV show. Just us.


In addition to running a successful design studio, we host a series of workshops about starting and running small businesses. Those workshops can get pricey, and we rarely teach them outside of the Midwest. So, we decided to bring some of our knowledge—of finances, management, and interior design—to this web space. Therefore, this site should not only function as a tool for redecorating, but as a guide for small business owners trying to get their start.