Bedrooms and Home Improvement

Let’s look at some factors that affect a bedroom design project. If you are planning to remodel or renovate your bedroom, then the information outlined on this page will be helpful to you. All architectural buildings that are being used as a residential place have bedrooms as an essential space within them. Bedrooms can be categorized in four major types namely, master, teenage, kids and guest. This classification is based on the group ages of family members who are going to use them.

While thinking of bedroom decorating it is important to note that it is a space within your home. I have seen sometimes that because of the budget constraints some people tend to remodel or renovate their home room-by-room.

This allows to properly set out a budget and also provide good attention to smaller details of the entire home improvement project. Detailing in home improvement can make a lot of difference as far as final product is concerned. By detailing I don’t just mean the color scheme or type of wallpaper you will choose. Detailing in home improvement is also from the structural safety point of view.

A bedroom is an inherent part of your home, hence while decorating or remodeling a bedroom the entire home improvement “theme” must be considered for a smooth visual experience when the bedroom project gets completed. Have a look at the home plan below.

This home plan is a good example to study. You will notice that the floor area occupied by bedrooms is nearly 40% of the entire floor are of the home.

This itself is a good indication that a fair amount of area gets occupied by bedrooms.

There is one more important aspect to be considered while designing bedrooms.

We spend maximum amount of time in our bedroom. Though we spend most of this time “sleeping”, to get a deep and calm sleep it is necessary to have a good interior design for the bedroom.

This can be easily achieved. Instead of treating the room as a separate identity, if we follow the “design theme” of the rest of the home, the transition between all the room becomes almost natural.

As mentioned above bedrooms can be sometimes be categorized by age groups. But there are more ways you can classify them, like design themes. Design theme a home design project is like a collection of commonly used criteria’s in interior design. For example a set of properties like color schemes, wood finishes, flooring patterns and materials, electrical accessories of a particular make or style etc.. can constitute a design theme.

If we manage to alter any one or all of the above parameters in a design theme group, we get a different theme and a different appearance as an end result. This means that if I change the color scheme in the first design theme from “cool” to “hot” I altogether change the appearance of the bedroom and hence the entire home.