Bedroom Color Schemes

How to choose the perfect color scheme for your bedroom? I see many individuals asking this question at the discussion forums and also searching over the internet. What do you think, is it really difficult to choose the perfect color scheme for your bedroom? I don’t think so.

Before going into the details of how to go for that exact look you are looking for let me discuss a hard truth here. Listen carefully! what you are going to read now will change the way you look at your bedroom. Here is a profound truth. Your home Is your reflection. Let me explain. We as humans are never alone, we all are always surrounded by other fellow humans, in the office at home, and in society as a whole. Have you ever given a thought to it that why do we tend to attract certain type of people around us or even certain types of situations?

The answer lies in that tiny (yet powerful) statement. You always tend to attract your reflection. Why? that’s how the universal laws work. Not only the people around you but your financial situations, your personal relationships with your family members and most importantly the color and decorating styles you will eventually choose to decorate your bedroom are also a part of this whole system.

How to choose bedroom colors…

Now the question is, how to put this knowledge in practical everyday life? Let’s do a small experiment.

Go right now to your bedroom and open your wardrobe. Have a quick glance on the clothes that are sitting inside. What colors do you see? Do you see a pattern in them, or do you see a wide range of styles? Are there any repetitive styles, colors, etc?

Looking this way will immediately reveal your personality. Many of us take great care while choosing clothes, because it becomes our “second skin”. Your clothes reveal your personality. The colors, styles, trends you tend to choose are a exact reflection of yourself.

So while choosing the color scheme for your bedroom, instead of looking for an answer “outside” look inside yourself first. What kind of person you are. Introvert, extrovert, charming, funny, optimistic, calm, arrogant, expressive, shy, bold, etc… Your clothing style will definitely reveal this. Use your personality as a starting point.

Most people make a major mistake in this. They look for answers outside. they look in decorating magazines, movies, TV shows. Of course, it’s a great way to get some solid inspiration. But….don’t use these ideas exactly as they are. If you forcefully decorate your bedroom that doesn’t suit your personality, a few months later it will definitely get converted into the way it should have been in the first place. Your personality drives your living habits and that will show up in your bedroom. After a few months it will be nothing but a big mess. Remember what I said earlier, you will eventually “create your own reflection” and the bedroom will look like a mess.

On the other hand, if you follow your inner voice you have the most pleasant and charming bedroom you will ever create in your lifetime. So, my practical advice would be “look inside yourself first” and analyze your personality.