How To Design A Traditional/Classic Bedroom

The traditional style in bedroom design might conjure images of drab and uninteresting designs or dark and depressing rooms with little color. On the contrary! The traditional (or classic) design does have its roots in the past, but one shouldn’t mistake this to mean the style doesn’t have vibrancy or life. Using tried-and-true concepts like symmetrical furnishings, firmly expressed color schemes and artistic/structural themes and a formal tone. These elements can be wonderfully expressive and rich when inspired by a creative mind and thoughtful eye. When looking at how to design a traditional/classic bedroom, we have to take a look at the impact of the style on the entire room first and then choose which pieces we’ll use to express these elements in our living space. 

The Traditional/Classic Bedroom  
While the traditional style lives brilliantly in large spaces, it isn’t difficult to bring the traditional style to a smaller bedroom. As long as the bedroom has space enough for a bed and a few ornamentations the design will be able to shine through in any area. Using a simple, subdued tone for the walls will allow the lush bed to become the main focal area of the room and create a calm and inviting atmosphere. Accenting the room’s main features with eclectic and interesting pieces can unify the room through interest and the strength of each accent. Let your accents have their own identity and story while still working with the other pieces in the room to set the tone you want in your bedroom.  

How To Design A Traditional/Classic Bedroom
Once you have a plan for your space, take time to inspect what pieces will play which roles. A popular course of action is to unify the accent pieces with a bold and rich color theme, contrasted against the neutral tone of walls and textiles. Beds in traditional design tend to be luxurious and classic in style. Canopies and billowy blankets commonly drape over large and strongly framed mattresses. Bold furniture like dressers and chairs fit perfectly in this style.