Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom lighting plays a major role in the final appearance of the bedroom after the decorating is complete. If used creatively it has a capacity to create wonderful atmosphere. Some techniques are so simple that you can achieve a mood in the bedroom just in minutes. Mood creating bedroom light can be achieved using various lighting accessories apart from just sunlight. Some of the elements that can be used are: Lampshades, Spotlights, Chandeliers. Let’s take a closer look at these bedroom lighting accessories.


Lampshades are used primarily to create a focal point and direct the source of light in a restricted circumference of area. depending upon the nature of material used to build or design the lampshade the outcome of light will vary. Very creative uses of the lampshades can be done depending upon the shapes of lampshades. If brighter colored lampshades are use the light coming out of the lampshade create a wonderful mood in the surroundings of the bedroom.


Most of the times spotlights are used in multiple numbers when used for lighting purposes. Simply because the area covered by these kinds of light is very limited and focused. Spotlights are normally used to “enhance” a particularly decorative element such as ceiling, or a painting on the wall. When spotlights are used in multiple numbers, they can greatly add interest in the bedroom creating visual diversity.


Chandeliers are a very common decorative element when the decorative theme of the bedroom is of oriental style. In the oriental design, much greater attention is given to the details of the patters. That’s why a chandelier can be a great way to add extra interest in the bedroom. Most chandeliers are top hung from the ceiling with single or multiple lighting arrangements. Chandeliers because of their heavy workmanship can cost thousands of dollars.

Apart from above mentioned types lighting fittings natural light is another great way to create a mood in the bedroom. The direct sunlight that falls in the room can be redirected using reflective colored walls to create a wonderful mood in the bedroom. Also use of colored semitransparent curtains on windows create a mood in the interiors depending upon the fabric of the curtain.