Our Initial 2019 Design Projections

While we prioritize affordability and cherish D.I.Y. ethos, we are, at our core, interior designers. As such, we like to spend time brainstorming new and upcoming trends. We’re getting close to the end of 2018, which means most design studios and bedroom retailers will start to publish their 2019 design predictions. Here’s our take on the upcoming year – before anyone else gets their projections out into the world.


  1. Minimalism will continue to reign supreme. Are you over the minimalist thing yet? Neither are we! This is an excellent way to build affordability into your bedroom design. Decorating a room with simple photos, easy-to-assemble storage units, and perhaps the occasional floor plant will continue to dominate the interior bedroom design field.
  2. Low-lit rooms get some personality. Nobody likes to light their bedroom from the ceiling, but we’ve known that for a while. Geometric light fixtures are big for other parts of the home, such as the living and dining rooms, but this trend will begin to move out of the bedroom. Instead, we’ll likely begin to see decorative wall sconces, minimalist bedside table lamps, and simple but beautiful floor lamps. Don’t forget the LEDs!
  3. Natural materials get a spot onstage. The bedroom has recently come to represent a “healthy place” where we can sleep, relax, and do light activities – think reading and listening to music. The decorations should represent that dedication to relaxation. In 2019, we plan to see more wooden and woven furniture and decorative materials. Wooden beds have been in for a while, but deeper, darker stains are about to have a moment. That woven papasan chair you bought in the mid-aughts? That’s about to be trendy again, too.