DIY Project: Spring Display Board

Hey there! Sarah and Hannah here. We’re going to test out a new series of posts designed for the budget-friendly consumer. We know a lot about bedroom design, but we also know a lot about building necessary components. We want to pass this knowledge on to you, our dear readers. So, welcome to our DIY Project series! First up: turning your old mattress spring into a display board.

This is, in part, inspired by Melissa Urban’s project on Shabby Love. Below, we have listed the essential materials you will need.

mattress spring
– clothespins
– zip ties
– pictures, knickknacks—whatever you want to hang

To begin, simply remove the spring board from your old mattress. This works best with smaller mattresses, such as twin beds and padding used for cribs. The removal method will vary according to the mattress, but the basics will be: use a sharp scissor or knife to cut along the seams of the mattress. Remove excess material until you uncover the springboard underneath. We recommend doing this in a large area—there will likely be a lot of material.

Once you’ve removed the spring board, the hard work is over. If you want to paint it a specific color, now is the time to do so. If not, it’s time to start decorating! Use the zip ties and clothespins to attach anything from pictures and notes to clocks and letters. Don’t add too much weight to the board, however—you don’t want it to fall.

Once you’ve decorated the board, find the perfect spot. This is where you can really get creative. For minimalists, simply lean the structure against a wall and—voila!—you have a new, custom-made decorative piece. You can also give this a bit of utility—use it as a headboard, in place of a corkboard, or as a place to hang important kitchenware. The world is your oyster!