Bedroom Sets That Create Harmony

In every bedroom set collection, you will find furniture pieces of an identical theme. If you have seen a bedroom set, you will notice that it contains mostly a king-sized bed, side tables, a pair of small chairs, a desk with drawers. All these pieces normally share same material finish, thus creating a harmony and visual connection in the entire bedroom.

While selecting a bedroom sets, keep in mind the entire theme of your design. The color/finishes/textures used on the outer faces of the furniture pieces in this set should reflect a smooth flow through the entire space.

Why is the choice of furniture so much important?

Let’s see an example. Please observe these images carefully. I have modeled these furniture pieces in a 3D modeling software. I will try to explain using these chair models, how the choice of furniture is important in any interior design project.

After looking at these chairs, what’s the first thing which comes in our mind? These chairs at the bottom with wood finish seem to be too heavy. Because of the size of the legs, back rest and the overall volume of the chairs, the entire object project a kind of “heavy” character. On the Other hand these two chairs on the left with blue material project a light weight piece of furniture.

Without even touching these two objects, we were easily able to judge the properties of the object and reaction they had on our mind. The heavy chairs are difficult to manage but can be more comfortable than the blue light ones, which reflect more “alertness” in their posture.

This is a very important aspect in selecting the furniture in your bedroom. If your room has a small area, then a heavy looking furniture will project it smaller because of the perception of your mind of being it heavy.

That’s why smaller rooms need a kind of transparency through the furniture pieces as well.

What does this mean? Let’s see one more example..

If you are using a bookshelf, instead of using a closed one, you can go in for a shelf with open doors which allows the wall area to be visible through the shelves. This reduces the volume of the objects and maintains a good ratio between the occupied and unoccupied areas. Have a look at these three images below.

The image on left side has a plane object which occupies a certain area on the floor. But when this plane is given a height, the space looks more occupied though the floor area being covered is the same as the first one.

In the third image the entire volume has been broken down to achieve transparency and a balance gets created.

So choose the furniture wisely, think about how your room will look after you install a piece of furniture at a particular location inside the room. Think about alternative locations, or a variety of the same design.

If you have decided to purchase a furniture set, then there are many places where you will find good quality and reasonably priced furniture. Normally a bedroom set will cost you in a range of $2000 (U.S.) to $3500 (U.S.)

If you purchase the items separately as individual pieces, you might get them a little cheaper. But again the shipping cost gets added each time you order.

The biggest online store on the internet, has  some good variety of bedroom sets at cheaper cost. Some of the items have the benefit of zero cost shipping as well.