DIY Project: Personalized Gemstone Mirror Frame

This adorable DIY endeavor is a great project to do with friends. Mirrors make excellent statement pieces within your bedroom, but decorated and designed mirrors can be expensive. This simple DIY hack will help you build the wall mirror of your dreams without harming your wallet. You’ll add both color and shine to your living space. All necessary materials are listed below.



  • 11-inch round wood clock face
  • 10-inch round mirror
  • Crystals (purchased from local craft store)
  • Super glue
  • Silver spray paint
  • 2 small eye hooks
  • Wire



To get started, spray paint both sides of the clock face. The back of the clock face will be the front of the mirror. When spray painting, be sure to do so in an open, well-ventilated area, and don’t be afraid to get your workstation a little messy. Allow the paint to dry for several hours. When it’s ready, glue the mirror to the clock face and press the surfaces together. Allow to set for thirty minutes.

You should now have a mirror with a small, silver border. Once you’ve allowed the glue to set, you can begin gluing the crystals to the frame. Using a generous amount of glue, attach crystal pieces around the border of the mirror, allowing some to overlap the mirror edge in order to conceal it. Once you have made your way around the frame, set aside and allow the glue to cure overnight.

The following day, attach eye hooks to the back edge of the wood. You can do this with superglue or by pre-drilling holes in the clock face. Thread a wire through the eye hooks and twist to tighten; allow the wire to be taut and invisible from the front. If you used superglue to attach the eye hooks, allow to dry for several hours.

There you have it! An adorable, cheap, and totally personalized mirror perfect for brightening up your bedroom space.