Guest Bedroom Design

According to me, a guest bedroom is the hardest to design. A guest is a guest! This type of room has got a slightly different approach in the entire home. While designing a room for guests is not just providing the basic amenities and furniture. He/she must feel homely in this space. Just imagine a hotel room and your own room in your home, what’s the difference? Homeliness, of course.

Aspects of designing a guest bedroom

It is difficult to achieve this in a space which shall be used by an outsider. Since a guest is not here to stay forever, it is the duty of the designer to see that his stay becomes comfortable and he/she should enjoy the show.

This space should ideally have an attached toilet. If your home is a two story structure, preferably it should be on the ground floor. This does not disturb the privacy of the remaining house members.

Guest Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to picking up guest bedroom furniture many interesting design are possible. Firstly it must be noted that guests are not going to stay in your forever and this makes it possible for you to pick up furniture which is modular in type.

This is because depending upon how many people are going to occupy the guest bedroom you can quickly alter the form of the furniture and make space for extra people. One of the best ways to use modular type of furniture is to use folding types available in the market today.

If you do some research in the online marketplaces you’ll notice that there are many great and amazing designs available in the modular types of furniture units. One such cool design is the “futon bunk bed”. In this there are two layers of beds just like a normal bunk bed.

But one unique feature about this is that the bottom full size beds gets folded into half to form a sofa. So during day hours you can safely convert this into a sofa and use as a possible seating arrangement. This type of bunk bed is great for a family of four who is visiting your home as guests. In this way the children will feel safe that in the new space their parents are always with them and at the same time parents will be happy to have kids with them.

Guest Bedroom Color Schemes

Color schemes for the guest bedrooms must bed charming and inviting. You can easily make use of bright colors that will help in easy dispersion of light across the guest bedroom. Apart from the bright colors if you use a darker shade as a contrasting color then it will enhance the original bright shade expressing an amazing effect.

Along with the bright shades you can use artificial lighting to make focal points across the room. To make the guest feel comfortable you can use indoor flowering plants to bring life into the bedroom. Using plants is one of the best ways to create healthy environments and pump life into any interior space.