How to Design a Minimalist Bedroom

Studies have shown that minimalism, especially at home, lowers stress levels and brings about cheerful moods. What better place to impact minimalist ideas than the bedroom where you go to relax, restore and reflect your thoughts. The basic idea is to strip down the excesses in the bedroom and concentrate on the essential elements while avoiding not to appear dull and boring. 
When opting for a minimalist bedroom design, apply the “less is more” outlook this way you create a calm, simple space. Do away with ornate trims, busy patterns, eliminate most of the household ornaments with little or no value, and scale down on color schemes. Create space for functional and soothing design aspects. 
Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas 
1. Bedding: The bed makes for an elaborate minimalist statement the moment anyone steps in the bedroom. Choose a bed with a simple platform frame coupled with plain-color neutral beddings. 
2. Bare wall: For a minimalist bedroom, I encourage you to keep the look streamlined and fuss-free. Minimize on wall decor and only display major artwork at a strategic location. A large, nature-inspired photo or a handcrafted artwork is a great example of what you can use. 
3. Neutral Palette: Consider the use of a neutral palette and stay away from bright and complex colors. Achieve consistency in the bedroom by sticking to a specific shade of paint on the walls and ceiling, for instance, use a range of neutral black, white and shades of gray. Throw in a black or gray floor rug to cheer up the place.  
4. Clean lines: Furnish the bedroom with sleek furniture that has clean lines, void of carvings and contemporary details, portraying a simple but elegant look. 
Symmetry: Try to arrange decor and furniture as symmetrically as possible and align everything in an orderly manner to achieve harmony. 
5. Clutter-free: For a minimalist bedroom to achieve its aim, only the necessary should be visible. Neatly store away collectibles, extra sheets, and clothes to create a serene environment suitable for relaxing and unwinding.