How to Design a Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Even if you couldn’t pick out mid-century modern furniture, more than likely you have seen it around. The furniture typically features smooth curves, classic clean lines, natural wood, bucket-shaped seats, geometric patterns, and much more. 
Here are some tips to creating a mid-century space.  
Mid-Century Bedroom  
When it comes to the bedroom, there are many ways to incorporate mid-century modern furniture into a space of virtually any size. Look for a bed that showcases natural wood and tapered legs, two prominent features that define this style.  
Also, find a rug with a unique graphic pattern, such as fun starbusts wild curves. Another way to include geometry in your bedroom is through the pillows, bedding, picture frames, and wallpaper. The mid-century was also all about mixing different materials into the bedroom. Just think plywood, metal, glass, and plastics.  
As you are creating a mid-century bedroom space, why not use certain furniture pieces in a unique way like a curved back chair as a nightstand or a groovy bench in place of a cedar chest? Whatever you choose to include, just have fun with it.  
Design Tips 
Since the bed is undoubtedly the biggest object in the room, it’s a good idea to choose this piece of furniture first. The bed can also serve as the focal point to inspire other mid-century ideas. 
Next, pick out a dresser, rug, lamps, and window dressings with the mid-century style in mind. If you’re into earth tones, choose green or brown furnishings as theses colors were prevalent during this century. 
Not into earthy tones? Primary colors may be a better option for you. Play with red, yellow, and blue hues in your rug, picture frames, and lamps.  
At this point, are you wondering the cost of this design. The bed alone could run you about $500 at a reasonably priced store. For a complete mid-century makeover, you can expect to pay at least $1,500, which isn’t too bad, right?