How to Design a Scandinavian-Style Bedroom

The Scandinavian design flourished in the 1950s, and the style is still extremely popular today. Many people love this design trend because it’s practical yet beautiful. The top three words that describe this unique style are simple, functional, and minimal. Check out these great tips for a Scandinavian-designed bedroom.  
The Bedroom 
When choosing a bed, pick one that features clean lines and slim frames as this is a classic look for this style. The Scandinavian look is also composed of a mixed of wooden elements. With this in mind, consider getting a wooden nightstand, dresser, and chairs.  
Due to the fact that the Scandinavian region is pretty cold, warm textiles are popular with this design. Such textiles can include wool and mohair carpet and rugs.  
If you currently have large, heavy drapes in the bedroom, you’ll want to trade these for more simplistic window coverage such as blinds, sheer curtains, or shutters. The goal here is to expose the window a little more to let in more natural light.  
To optimize the light shining through the room, consider painting the walls white. Even better, choose an off-white color paint to create a more cozy and warm vibe.  
Scandinavian Design Tips 
One big tip when trying to create this style is to keep the bedroom clutter free. Many people make the mistake of adding a lot of accents and furnishings to this space. However, less is truly more with this design, so consider using storage spaces that blend seamlessly into the décor or just get rid of them altogether buy getting rid of extra stuff. The result is a bedroom that looks really relaxing.  
Because of its simplistic and practical features, a Scandinavian bedroom can be done for less than $2,000. The biggest expense will be the bed, of course, so you should consider starting here. After you get a beautiful bed, just make sure that you choose furnishings that actually serve a purpose.