How to Design an Urban/Industrial-Style Bedroom

Industrial-style bedrooms can be characterized by a minimalistic design with edgy, rustic components. Many people mistakenly think that this style is only found in lofts and apartment, but it’s also trending in homes.  
When designing an industrial bedroom, you’ll want the space to feel rustic, warm, and airy.  
An Industrial/Urban Bedroom 
To create an industrial/urban style bedroom, you don’t need a lot of space. After all, minimalism is the goal.  
One of the most obvious components of an industrial style bedroom are walls made of brick. These edgy walls can be painted any color that you would like, but popular hues are black, white, and beige.  
When you look up at the ceiling, you’ll typically find exposed wires, ducts, cords, or beams. These features will complement furniture composed of steel, wood, and metal perfectly.  
As far as your bed goes, place a comfy mattress on top of wood crates to significantly enhance the rustic vibe. A black or white chandelier, an area rug, and potted plants can complete this industrial style. If you would like to create a less edgy design, experiment with soft and playful accents such as a quirky piece of art or comforting colors.  
Design Tips  
Do you want some design tips to make your life easier? If you want to create the perfect industrial bedroom, it’s probably best to start with the floors, ceiling, and walls as these two components will require the most work.  
Once you have chosen the materials and paint colors for those component, you can purchase your industrial style bed. Many online stores have these types of beds available for less than $500.  
With the cost of the floors, ceiling, walls, bed, and accents, an industrial/urban style bedroom can start off at $3,000.  
Just remember that this trendy bedroom style is clutter-free, so avoid going overboard with matching furniture and accents. Simple is usually better when it comes to this design.