DIY Project: Leather Organizer

Every bedroom (and home, for that matter) could do with a bit more organization. From incoming mail and change to makeup products and pens, devising an organizational system is a great way to clear space, allow the room to look larger, and freshen up the space with pops of personality and color. This leather organizer is a great place to keep anything from postcards to bedside reading. To complete this project, you will need:



  • Wood plank (However large you want the organizer to be)
  • Leather (Etsy is a wonderful place to source leather scraps)
  • Brass nails (or escutcheon pins)
  • Utility knife
  • Ruler
  • Cutting surface
  • Pliers
  • Hammer



Depending on the size of your plank and leather, you may need to cut your leather to size. Use your utility knife, ruler, and cutting surface to cut your leather into the correct shape. Allow for at least one inch of border between your leather and the edge of the wood; if your plank is 8″ wide, cut your leather to 7″.

Begin to attach the storage pockets. Lay the first piece of leather face down around one inch from the top edge of the plank. Hammer a brass nail into place at the top center of the leather. If you want to avoid smashing your fingers, hold the nail in place with your set of pliers. Then, fold the leather in half so that the bottom edge lines up with the top edge you just secured with the nail. Secure each of the top corners with nails

Repeat this process with as many pieces of leather as you want. Be sure to allow for space between the pockets. Voila! That’s it!