Bedroom Curtains

Bedroom curtains are a great decorative element. Firstly, a curtain when used around a window greatly increases the importance of the window opening and defines its existence firmly.

Curtains can be primarily divided into three major categories.

Window Curtains

The primary function of these types of curtains is to minimize the intensity of direct sunlight the enters from the window in the indoor space. In certain geographical areas where sunlight is in plenty amount, window curtains play a major role. I such types of interiors the curtain as a decorative element forms a major source of beauty element. 

Door Curtains

Curtains when used around the door opening have a very limited function of just defining the opening or for the identification of the entrance of the space. For achieving a clear and unobstructed entry or exit through the door the door curtains are designed with more decorative elements (such as folds) near the top edge of the door. This keeps the bottoms of the curtain easy to operate.

Partition Curtains

The name itself suggests that these types of curtains are primarily used for defining two spaces out of a large space. A good example is living room and dining room. A big living room can be easily separated visually a large top hung curtain with suitable color scheme. Many types these types of curtains when

used in large spaces are never operated but are for decorative purposes only. I bedrooms however such types of curtains can be used to separate the main bedroom space and the walk-in wardrobe. Such types of curtains are operative and short in size so that they are light weight and easy to operate.

Apart from above mentioned types curtains can be categorized according to colors, fabric, shapes, which can create an ambience in the bedroom.