Bedrooms and Home Renovation Checklist

If you are planning to go for home renovation, then here is a small checklist of what are the things that are to be taken care of.

It’s not just repainting your home. There are a lot of things that go into a renovating project. On this page I am giving special attention to bedroom renovating instead of the entire home. Of course all these items surely do apply for the rest of the rooms as well.

Aspects of renovating a bedroom

A typical home renovation project can include lot of items that need to be fixed. During renovation process there are things that need to be added, extended, repaired, removed, etc… many such items such as painting, furniture repairs, leakage repairs, maintenance of walls, etc…can take up a fair chink of time and budget.

The systems of an architectural building….

Every architectural building has built-in systems that are responsible for the satisfactory and comfortable functioning of the building. These systems can be named as structural system, electrical system, plumbing system, and HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning).

All these systems work every minute of the day to keep the interiors in a way that can provide comfort to its users. That’s why while renovating a home, it will be easier to manage your process if you look into the detailed functioning of appliances and/or gadgets that work to cater the systems that are mentioned above. Let’s see these systems one by one and the possible renovation jobs that could occupy your checklist.

The Structural System

This includes the framework on which the entire building stands. The structural frame can be of R.C.C (Reinforced Cement Concrete), Wooden or Steel. The choice of the type of structural system depends on many factors such as, external climate, budget, availability of materials, number of floors to be built. During renovation of the structural system main emphasis must be given on the strength of the members that carry the load of the entire building to the ground.

For steel structures anti-rust paints must be applied, for wooden structures proper termite-proof coating of paints must be applied and for R.C.C structures  plaster of cement must be uniformly applied around the structural members.

The Electrical System

This includes all the switch boards, switches, decorative lamps, wirings of all sorts. Most of the times the electrical accessories are made of plastic. During renovation, it’s a good idea to completely replace any broken parts that have become dangerous for kids.

For the proper functioning of the electrical system also includes the tracking of the consumption of electricity by various gadgets and appliances.

The Plumbing System

This includes the maintenance of incoming and outgoing water supply as well as drainage lines. Also the proper functioning of the down take pipes that carry water from the lower and upper water tanks needs to be considered.

All internal water pipes as well as water taps in kitchen, bathrooms, wash basins must be checked for leakages. Any such minor jobs can also occupy a place in the home renovation checklist.

HVAC (heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Ventilation includes the proper functioning of doors and windows that let the fresh air inside the structure. If the windows and doors are not functioning well, this can also cause security problems. The most common problems with door and window shutters is the hinges or the locking arrangements.

Since these parts are made up of metal, it is necessary to apply regular lubrication to these parts. Heating and Air conditioning includes the use of electricity and must be taken care of during electrical system maintenance.

Apart from these four systems there are infinite minor details that can be considered while renovating a home. That’s why the key to successful home renovating is to categorize all the items into systems as mentioned above and start out. This will save a lot of time and your money.

Bedroom Sets That Create Harmony

In every bedroom set collection, you will find furniture pieces of an identical theme. If you have seen a bedroom set, you will notice that it contains mostly a king-sized bed, side tables, a pair of small chairs, a desk with drawers. All these pieces normally share same material finish, thus creating a harmony and visual connection in the entire bedroom.

While selecting a bedroom sets, keep in mind the entire theme of your design. The color/finishes/textures used on the outer faces of the furniture pieces in this set should reflect a smooth flow through the entire space.

Why is the choice of furniture so much important?

Let’s see an example. Please observe these images carefully. I have modeled these furniture pieces in a 3D modeling software. I will try to explain using these chair models, how the choice of furniture is important in any interior design project.

After looking at these chairs, what’s the first thing which comes in our mind? These chairs at the bottom with wood finish seem to be too heavy. Because of the size of the legs, back rest and the overall volume of the chairs, the entire object project a kind of “heavy” character. On the Other hand these two chairs on the left with blue material project a light weight piece of furniture.

Without even touching these two objects, we were easily able to judge the properties of the object and reaction they had on our mind. The heavy chairs are difficult to manage but can be more comfortable than the blue light ones, which reflect more “alertness” in their posture.

This is a very important aspect in selecting the furniture in your bedroom. If your room has a small area, then a heavy looking furniture will project it smaller because of the perception of your mind of being it heavy.

That’s why smaller rooms need a kind of transparency through the furniture pieces as well.

What does this mean? Let’s see one more example..

If you are using a bookshelf, instead of using a closed one, you can go in for a shelf with open doors which allows the wall area to be visible through the shelves. This reduces the volume of the objects and maintains a good ratio between the occupied and unoccupied areas. Have a look at these three images below.

The image on left side has a plane object which occupies a certain area on the floor. But when this plane is given a height, the space looks more occupied though the floor area being covered is the same as the first one.

In the third image the entire volume has been broken down to achieve transparency and a balance gets created.

So choose the furniture wisely, think about how your room will look after you install a piece of furniture at a particular location inside the room. Think about alternative locations, or a variety of the same design.

If you have decided to purchase a furniture set, then there are many places where you will find good quality and reasonably priced furniture. Normally a bedroom set will cost you in a range of $2000 (U.S.) to $3500 (U.S.)

If you purchase the items separately as individual pieces, you might get them a little cheaper. But again the shipping cost gets added each time you order.

The biggest online store on the internet, has  some good variety of bedroom sets at cheaper cost. Some of the items have the benefit of zero cost shipping as well.

Bedroom Color Schemes

How to choose the perfect color scheme for your bedroom? I see many individuals asking this question at the discussion forums and also searching over the internet. What do you think, is it really difficult to choose the perfect color scheme for your bedroom? I don’t think so.

Before going into the details of how to go for that exact look you are looking for let me discuss a hard truth here. Listen carefully! what you are going to read now will change the way you look at your bedroom. Here is a profound truth. Your home Is your reflection. Let me explain. We as humans are never alone, we all are always surrounded by other fellow humans, in the office at home, and in society as a whole. Have you ever given a thought to it that why do we tend to attract certain type of people around us or even certain types of situations?

The answer lies in that tiny (yet powerful) statement. You always tend to attract your reflection. Why? that’s how the universal laws work. Not only the people around you but your financial situations, your personal relationships with your family members and most importantly the color and decorating styles you will eventually choose to decorate your bedroom are also a part of this whole system.

How to choose bedroom colors…

Now the question is, how to put this knowledge in practical everyday life? Let’s do a small experiment.

Go right now to your bedroom and open your wardrobe. Have a quick glance on the clothes that are sitting inside. What colors do you see? Do you see a pattern in them, or do you see a wide range of styles? Are there any repetitive styles, colors, etc?

Looking this way will immediately reveal your personality. Many of us take great care while choosing clothes, because it becomes our “second skin”. Your clothes reveal your personality. The colors, styles, trends you tend to choose are a exact reflection of yourself.

So while choosing the color scheme for your bedroom, instead of looking for an answer “outside” look inside yourself first. What kind of person you are. Introvert, extrovert, charming, funny, optimistic, calm, arrogant, expressive, shy, bold, etc… Your clothing style will definitely reveal this. Use your personality as a starting point.

Most people make a major mistake in this. They look for answers outside. they look in decorating magazines, movies, TV shows. Of course, it’s a great way to get some solid inspiration. But….don’t use these ideas exactly as they are. If you forcefully decorate your bedroom that doesn’t suit your personality, a few months later it will definitely get converted into the way it should have been in the first place. Your personality drives your living habits and that will show up in your bedroom. After a few months it will be nothing but a big mess. Remember what I said earlier, you will eventually “create your own reflection” and the bedroom will look like a mess.

On the other hand, if you follow your inner voice you have the most pleasant and charming bedroom you will ever create in your lifetime. So, my practical advice would be “look inside yourself first” and analyze your personality.

Bedroom Curtains

Bedroom curtains are a great decorative element. Firstly, a curtain when used around a window greatly increases the importance of the window opening and defines its existence firmly.

Curtains can be primarily divided into three major categories.

Window Curtains

The primary function of these types of curtains is to minimize the intensity of direct sunlight the enters from the window in the indoor space. In certain geographical areas where sunlight is in plenty amount, window curtains play a major role. I such types of interiors the curtain as a decorative element forms a major source of beauty element. 

Door Curtains

Curtains when used around the door opening have a very limited function of just defining the opening or for the identification of the entrance of the space. For achieving a clear and unobstructed entry or exit through the door the door curtains are designed with more decorative elements (such as folds) near the top edge of the door. This keeps the bottoms of the curtain easy to operate.

Partition Curtains

The name itself suggests that these types of curtains are primarily used for defining two spaces out of a large space. A good example is living room and dining room. A big living room can be easily separated visually a large top hung curtain with suitable color scheme. Many types these types of curtains when

used in large spaces are never operated but are for decorative purposes only. I bedrooms however such types of curtains can be used to separate the main bedroom space and the walk-in wardrobe. Such types of curtains are operative and short in size so that they are light weight and easy to operate.

Apart from above mentioned types curtains can be categorized according to colors, fabric, shapes, which can create an ambience in the bedroom.

Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom lighting plays a major role in the final appearance of the bedroom after the decorating is complete. If used creatively it has a capacity to create wonderful atmosphere. Some techniques are so simple that you can achieve a mood in the bedroom just in minutes. Mood creating bedroom light can be achieved using various lighting accessories apart from just sunlight. Some of the elements that can be used are: Lampshades, Spotlights, Chandeliers. Let’s take a closer look at these bedroom lighting accessories.


Lampshades are used primarily to create a focal point and direct the source of light in a restricted circumference of area. depending upon the nature of material used to build or design the lampshade the outcome of light will vary. Very creative uses of the lampshades can be done depending upon the shapes of lampshades. If brighter colored lampshades are use the light coming out of the lampshade create a wonderful mood in the surroundings of the bedroom.


Most of the times spotlights are used in multiple numbers when used for lighting purposes. Simply because the area covered by these kinds of light is very limited and focused. Spotlights are normally used to “enhance” a particularly decorative element such as ceiling, or a painting on the wall. When spotlights are used in multiple numbers, they can greatly add interest in the bedroom creating visual diversity.


Chandeliers are a very common decorative element when the decorative theme of the bedroom is of oriental style. In the oriental design, much greater attention is given to the details of the patters. That’s why a chandelier can be a great way to add extra interest in the bedroom. Most chandeliers are top hung from the ceiling with single or multiple lighting arrangements. Chandeliers because of their heavy workmanship can cost thousands of dollars.

Apart from above mentioned types lighting fittings natural light is another great way to create a mood in the bedroom. The direct sunlight that falls in the room can be redirected using reflective colored walls to create a wonderful mood in the bedroom. Also use of colored semitransparent curtains on windows create a mood in the interiors depending upon the fabric of the curtain.