How to Design a Rustic/Country Style Bedroom

In the new age of technology and previously futuristic designs now seen as modern designs, many of us would still like to take our decorating skills back to the past. Country and rustic style bedrooms can bring comfort and a true homey feel to your place of rest. Some may think of outdated furniture and old wood when speaking about rustic styled homes; however, it is much more than that. The country and rustic aesthetic can actually make your home feel warm, as if you were staying in a toasty cabin vacation home. 
Decorating the Bedroom 
When trying a new aesthetic in your home, you may wonder what all pieces you need to truly bring it together and make an impression. The most important tip would be to showcase beautiful wood work. This could be simple wood paneling covering the entire room, or even warm colored painted walls with open log accents around key areas. If choosing to decorate the walls and floors both with wood paneling, it would be a good idea to get an old-fashioned rug to accent the room; sticking with warm colors, of course. Rustic furnishings such as dressers and stands should be close in color and wood pattern so they fit together aesthetically. The size of the bedroom can be large or small, depending on the specific rustic style you are going for, so don’t worry about having to add on space. 
Where to Start 
The best place to start would be to decide on the walls and floors first. If it is too out of your budget to change them, try to make sure the walls are painted a light, warm color at least. Switching out the furnishings may be the easiest place to start if it is impossible to change the flooring and walls first. Adding decorations can be done throughout the entire process as you find them, so be sure to look for things such as hanging lamps, log or stone furniture, or natural and old-fashioned decorations. A great place to look for decorating would be antique stores, as they are sure to carry old decorations to really spice up the aesthetic. Craft stores that carry decorations also typically have rustic and country items in the fall, so be sure to check there as well. 

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